Land Claims and Resource Issues

The Firm provides compelling leadership in bringing specific and comprehensive claims on behalf of First Nations.

Within the specific claims realm, the Firm has represented First Nations in Ontario and Québec who have long-standing grievances with the Crown for its failure to fulfill its fiduciary and other lawful obligations.

Within the comprehensive claims realm, the Firm has advanced Aboriginal title claims on behalf of First Nations who have not surrendered their traditional territory by Treaty. The Firm works in close connection with various experts and consultants, including an in-House Researcher and Document Specialist who manages the evidence collection projects for various land claims.

Additionally, the Firm works closely with several national experts in Aboriginal Policy, Aboriginal History, and Geographic Information Systems.

The Firm has state-of-the-art evidence compilation software, which enables the team to compile and analyze the voluminous amounts of historical evidence required to prove an Aboriginal or Treaty rights claim.

Advocating for
Our Nations. First.

We provide services in the field of Aboriginal Law. In this regard, we act strictly for First Nations, First Nation Organizations and their members.